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Invited Talks

2019 – “Becoming inquirers: Examining the uses of inquiry in preservice teacher education.” Panel at National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), Baltimore, MD, Nov. 21-24.

2019 – “‘Safetalk’ and challenges to translanguaging pedagogy in high school ESL.” Keynote at UHM College of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures annual conference, Apr. 20.

Academic Presentations

2019 – “Linguistic inquiries in English Language Arts classrooms.” Individual presentation at NCTE, Baltimore, MD, Nov. 21-24.

2019 – “How do spatial repertoires, learner investments, and societal macro-structures intersect to create a superdiverse individual repertories?” Poster at American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Atlanta, GA, Mar. 9-12.

2018 – “Motivation to learn Languages Other Than English (LOTEs): A research synthesis.” Individual presentation at Second Language Research Forum, Montréal, QC, Oct. 26-28.

2017 – “A new lens for an old debate: Applying the Douglas Fir Model of SLA to grammar instruction in EAP writing.” Individual presentation at AAAL 2017, Portland, OR, Mar. 18-21.

Professional Presentations/Workshops

2020 – “A linguistic ethnography of translanguaging in English 9 and its pedagogical implications.” Workshop at Multilingual Symposium, Hawai‘i Department of Education, McKinley High School, Honolulu, Jan. 11.

2019 – “Translanguaging across the curriculum.” Workshop for teachers at Farrington High School, Honolulu, Oct. 29. (Co-facilitated with English Department Head)

2019 – “How is translanguaging affected by course design and social factors?” Individual presentation at Hawai‘i TESOL, Brigham Young University Hawai‘i, Feb. 16.

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